La esencia del Taichí Chuan


  • Be empty and you will be filled.
    Bend , you will be straight.
    Be humble, you will be victorious.
    For nature fills those that are empty
    And puts right where there is wrong.
    • Tao Teh Ching

Driving Lao Shr home. He expounded on the secret of t'ai-chi ch'uan in very simple and precise terms.

Push as if your feet were hands. Keep the yin and yang in your feet. Every part of the feet is relaxed. The hollow of the feet gathers the energy from the earth. The hands should only touch the opponent. If the opponent moves fast, move fast. If the opponent moves slow, move slow. Take space away from him, then attack. One never really wills a push. This must be distinguished from intention. Intention is an objective idea. Trying to push implies mind, desire.

Jane asked, "When you feel your opponent's strength, that means it's too late."

Lao Shr said, " It's late now, but it won't be. If your opponent uses strength, receive it. Your opponent's strength will make you stronger. Once I had an opponent who used strength on me a hundred times. Ninety nine times he knocked me over. Once I knocked him over. That was when I had given up and lost. But I was the victor because I learned from that one push."



by Bataan Faigao

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